HAECO Americas Press Release

HAECO Introduces VECTOR-Y™ Economy Seat

(Hong Kong, 14 April 2015) – HAECO Cabin Solutions, a unit of the HAECO Group, unveiled Vector-Y™, its new sleek and lightweight economy seat, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg (AIX 2015). While the Vector seat platform has a striking architectural style, its design is founded in solid knowledge built from HAECO Group’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) experience, unique amongst aircraft seat manufacturers. 

“Every part of Vector is proven and tested based on what HAECO Group has learned over many decades of maintaining aircraft,” said Kevin Carter, Chief Executive Officer of HAECO Americas. “We see daily what the vulnerabilities are and applied those insights to develop inventive components that provide style at low lifetime service costs.” Vector is constructed of carbon fiber for a thin profile that provides passengers with more living space while delivering the toughness that airlines require. 

Despite its hard-working structure, Vector is a very comfortable seat that is cleverly designed to fit the human body. The ergonomics of Vector are intended to build passenger loyalty. “Vector’s comfort and amenities will please passengers and keep them coming back, and the airlines will enjoy its low cost of ownership over the seat lifetime,” Carter added. Amenities include an eye-level tablet holder in the seat back for Vector-Y and in-flight entertainment (IFE) in Vector-Y+, a variation of the seat designed for long haul operations. 

Award-winning James Lee of Hong Kong’s Paperclip Design provided industrial design support on Vector’s classic minimalist lines. HAECO Cabin Solutions’ engineers carefully considered critical factors that drive lower cost such as part count, innovative materials and weight, while also delivering passenger comfort through maximum living space. HAECO Cabin Solutions continues to enjoy long-lasting success with its FeatherWeight™ seat platform, and applied its experience manufacturing lightweight seating to create Vector as well. 

Airline customer interest has been strong, and first deliveries are expected in the first quarter 2016.