HAECO Cabin Solutions

VECTOR™ Seating Platform

By leveraging its significant experience in aircraft maintenance and seat manufacturing, HAECO has developed a seating platform that focuses on comfort, weight savings and ease of maintenance. The Vector™ seating platform combines technological innovation and a configurable design to deliver an exceptional experience for passengers and airline customers. 

• Vector™ Economy Seat, certified to TSO C127(b) with an industry-leading warranty, minimizes the operator’s acquisition, installation, and maintenance costs through
pre-certification, modular design, parts commonality, and streamlined manufacturing  

• Vector™ Premium Seat, one of the lightest but most comfortable in its class, featuring stand-out reclining and leg-rest angles 

• Arc™ Headrest, a patented breakthrough that combines the industry’s first
double-hinge system with luxury upholstery that looks smooth in all positions